David Icke: Was He Right?

David Icke is one of the best known internet personalities in the world, his website davidicke.com currently sits in the top 6000 most visited websites in the world (and in the top 700 in the UK), and he frequently sells out shows, he has also published numerous best selling books. Icke was however previously known not for his conspiracy theories but as a former football player and TV sports presenter, before in 1990 he was told by a psychic that he was a healer who was on earth for a purpose. In 1991 he held a press conference in which he stated that he was the “Son of the Godhead”.

He was soon to become a figure of ridicule after appearing on the Terry Wogan show where he was ridiculed by Terry Wogan and the audience. Humiliated on TV, he was subsequently ridiculed in public and outcast by society. Undettered and deterimed to continue his mission he published four books betwen 1994 and 2001, he is now up to seventeen published books.

David Icke: Was He Right is a 2006 documentary by UK television Channel 5 which looks back on his period of ridicule before gaining an insight into Icke and his life, it questions whether Icke was right about many of his theories after all. In society it is certainly true that many more people are following his theories and consuming his literature.


Running Time: 46 minutes

Year: 2006

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