Hooligans: The Untold Story

A frequent visitor to any Premier League or Football League game in England or Wales would be forgiven for thinking that football violence in the UK is largely a thing of the past. The ugly truth is that football hooligans are as organised as ever and their numbers remain great. Hooligans are suppressed in the UK by dedicated police units, CCTV cameras, and extensive surveillance. Increasingly unable to cause trouble at domestic games, English hooligans now look towards games overseas. For fans of bigger clubs this can come through following their club in European competition, but for every other hooligan it can only come by following the national team.

English fans are famous for causing trouble in other countries and this excellent undercover investigation by BBC Panorama showed that hooliganism is thriving, several undercover cameras and some cameras in full public view provide a unique insight into the inner-workings of some of the groups of England fans that traveled to Germany in 2006. The film shows the ugly side of the game and puts England fans in a very bad light, although it should of course be noted that it weren’t only England fans causing trouble in Germany that year. A fascinating, if slightly disturbing, film which lifts the lead on 21st century hooligan culture and shows battle that German police had to protect innocent members of the public.

There aren’t many great features about football hooligans around, but if you have a keen interest in this topic then consider checking out our feature dedicated to the best football hooligan documentaries, particularly interesting are two other BBC documentaries: Foreign Fields and MacIntyre Undercover: Chelsea Headhunters.


Running Time: 59 minutes

Year: 2006

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