loudQUIETloud: A Film About the Pixies

Boston band The Pixies achieved only moderate commercial success in America yet were hugely popular in the United Kingdom and Europe in the late Eighties and early-Nineties, yet they were a huge influence on the alternative rock scene of the early-Nineties and the list of great bands to cite the group as a huge influence is almost endless, among those to claim The Pixies as an influence include Radiohead and Kurt Cobain. In fact, Cobain claimed that Smells Like Teen Spirit was an attempt to rip off the bands style.

Despite modest album sales they have left a legacy as one of the most influential bands of all times and a 2004 reunion saw sell out tours and signaled that their music was perhaps well before their time, they have more fans now than they did at when originally together. loudQUEITloud is a 2006 documentary which looks back at the unusual career of the band and seeks to explain why the band has proven so influential and provides a fascinating insight into the lives that the band lived then, and the lives that the band had when reuniting – the stage at which this film begins. The film serves as both a great starting point for those who have never heard of The Pixies but also has plenty to offer those who have been huge fans since the beginning, the camera work and sound is top notch and there is plenty of live footage of some of their most famous and celebrated tracks.

loudQUEITloud premiered in New York at the Tribeca film festival and was well received, it will probably go down as the best documentaries about the group and is perhaps only rivaled by the equally excellent film from the same period The Pixies: Gouge. If you are a huge Pixies fan and don’t already have this documentary in your collection then you should consider purchasing it on DVD for the superior picture and sound quality, and the extras. You can buy the DVD for a great price here.

Running Time: 89 minutes

Year: 2006

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0449121/

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