Tania Head: Where Is She Now?

Tania Head, now known as “the 9/11 faker” thanks to a great documentary of the same name, is a Spanish woman who fooled everybody in believing that she was a survivor of the 9/11 tragedy in New York, even becoming the president of The World Trade Center Survivors’ Network. During her presidency she successfully negotiated for survivors to be given access to Ground Zero. Her story led to her gaining a high profile, and she was chosen to escort numerous important people and dignitaries around  the site of the disaster and visitor center, including former mayors, governors, and current New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. She would frequently recount her claims to tour groups, explaining her escape in vivid detail.

Tania Head – What a douche

It was The New York Times who first sought to verify certain details in Head’s claims, possibly as a result of a tip-off, and that wasn’t until September 2007 (three years after she joined the support network). They were desperate to quiz her over her claims and Head subsequently backed out of three scheduled interviews and later refused flat out to talk to reporters, some of those reporters had contacted other members of the network who would unsuccessfully attempt to convince Head to talk with reporters. After her refusal to talk with The New York Times the group itself began to raise questions about the legitimacy of her story and voted to remove her as president of the organization.

The newspaper had numerous questions to ask her, but perhaps most significant were her claims that she was engaged to a fellow victim named David. His surname has remained out of the media as a mark of respect, but his family claimed to never have heard of Tania Head. Furthermore, a fellow member of the support network had noticed that she had begun to make small changes to her account of the events of the day, while she also claimed to have degrees from both Harvard and and Stanford. Neither institution had any record of her studying with them. She also claimed that she was working for Merrill Lynch who also have no record of her employment with them.

In the aftermath of her initial exposure an email from an anonymous Spanish email account sent to leading members of the World Trade Center Survivors Network claimed that Head had committed suicide, an email which was later found to be false and was probably sent by Head herself, heaping further disgrace onto her name.

Who The F Was Tania Head?

Tania Head’s real name was Alicia Esteve Head, a Spanish woman who the British documentary The 9/11 Faker revealed was not even in New York at the time of the September 11th terror attacks, in fact she had never even stepped foot into the United States before 2003. She was in fact in Barcelona attending business school, a Spanish newspaper had revealed in 2007 that Head had attended classes just one week after the attacks, had not mentioned being in New York at all to classmates, yet alone informed anybody of the death of a fiance, and she showed no recent signs of injury or any distress. She had also told classmates that she wanted to work in New York.

Tania Head Sightings

The documentary (The 9/11 Faker) did not accept the explanation that she had committed suicide and instead reported her whereabouts as unknown, they were proven right to do so too as on September 14th 2011 – just three days after the ten year anniversary of the attacks in the city – Head was spotted in New York city by one of the co-authors of a more recent book (and accompanying TV documentary) about Head entitled The Woman Who Wasn’t There (documentary not currently available to watch on this website).

Filmmaker Angelo J. Guglielmo Jr, who had initially started filming a documentary about Head with her permission prior to her being revealed as a fraud, spotted Tania Head and her mother in New York and began to spy on them until he was spotted. The likelihood that Guglielmo “just spotted” Head and her mother are unlikely, he was clearly determined to find her to confront her for the documentary film that he was finishing. Head managed to film as he confronted head with  ”How could you show up here during the 10th anniversary? How could you?’‘. A brief confrontation ensued before he turned off the camera.

Tania Head Confrontation Video

As things stand there are no snippets of the confrontation available to watch online, and the documentary The Woman Who Wasn’t There is not currently online or available to purchase on DVD  (unfortunately, as I’d love to see it) but the top selling book of the same name can be purchased here.

Do You Know Where Tania Head Is?

Feel free to tell fellow readers anything that you know about Tania Head in the comments, but we take no responsibility for the accuracy of your claims!

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  • Mart

    why did she needed to lie to everybody at that moment? I think she just wanted to be inmortal with her fake story because she never got anything in her whole life or maybe she just work with somebody else to change some part of the real story about what happen that day.
    Whatever it was the only thing she got after all it was to be recognised herself as a total bitch.
    Now if she did that kind of thing, how to know if many other persons build the same fake story to gain some sort of benefit or hide others events occurred on WTC.
    I think there are a deep and dark story under Tania Head’s story.
    It smell like some kind of interest to watch every step on each person in 9 11 survivors to hide the true behind the real sory about 9 11.

  • Olga Pinsky

    You can view the documentary the woman that was there; on YouTube. It costs only $2.99.

    • http://peacearena.org peacearena

      It is also now on Netflix.

    • Chris Topher

      The Woman Who Wasn’t there


    The Woman Who Wasn’t there is Free on Netflix, I just watched it tonight.

  • Mike Troxell

    If i see her, ill make sure to drag her behind my truck. What a useless sack of crap.