The Last Lioness HD

The Last Lioness is an award winning documentary following the lioness Lady Liuwa across the Liuwa Plain National Park in Zambia. This highly charged emotional documentary is unique, you see Lady Liuwa is the last of her species in the park and has been for years. She has no pride, no support, and must protect and feed herself with no help.

She has been isolated by illegal trophy hunting, with all members of her pride and all other prides having long been wiped out by hunters seeking a quick frill and a token photo. The cameraman Herbert Brauer followed Lady Liuwa for four years until her loneliness became so much that she reached out to him for companionship, this documentary film is the result of that four years of filming. Since this documentary was filmed there have now been other lions relocated to the Liuwa Plain National Park in the hope that a new pride can now form and thrive in the area, this is despite their introduction being a great risk to the now ageing Lady Liuwa.

The lioness has become a minor celebrity with her own dedicated facebook page. The website posted an update on the progress of Lady Liuwa in 2011. The Last Lioness was never released on DVD, despite it being such a well received and popular documentary!

Running Time: 47 minutes

Released: 2010

By: National Geographic

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