The Pixies: Gouge (Documentary)

Legendary Boston band The Pixies formed in 1986 and disbanded in 1993, but only had very moderate success during that period – particularly in the their home country. They were most popular in the Europe, particularly the United Kingdom. Despite not having huge commercial success at the time the band left a legacy which would go on to heavily influence the alternative rock scene of the nineties, and upon reforming in 2004 they were able to sell out large venues on world tours. They were in some respects a band before their time. Bands which would go on to cite The Pixies as an influence include Radiohead, The Strokes, Weezer, and even Nirvana; Kurt Cobain admitted that the song Smells Like Teen Spirit was a conscious attempt to copy the Pixies style.

The Pixies: Gouge is a documentary made by Channel 4 which later also formed part of the DVD release entitled simply ‘Pixies’, it includes interviews with members of the band (all of them apart from Kim Deal) and numerous leading music critics and musicians. People to appear to talk about band include Thom Yorke and David Bowie who explain why they think that the Pixies were such and important and influential group.

The DVD also contains a full live show and a collection of old video footage from the early years of the bands existence, as well as another documentary On The Road (not available for free online) which has plenty of footage of tour road trips, backstage footage, and some more live footage. That documentary is pretty mediocre, unlike Gouge which is an incredible piece of work and will make a great introduction to the band for anybody unfamiliar with their music.

Running Time: 50 minutes

Year: 2002

IMDB: here

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Buy on DVD: Gouge forms part of a much larger DVD release which contains many hours of footage and can be purchased from the following links:





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