The World of Charlie Company

This one-hour long documentary was produced by CBS news in 1970 and attempted to show what it was like for a company of American soldiers fighting the North Vietnamese Army in the jungles of Vietnam. It was made by their news correspondent John Laurance who was reporting in Vietnam for CBS between 1965 and 1970 and spent a long period of time (in excess of five months) following the military unit on the front line. The documentary was produced for TV and was aired twice in 1970, it has since found it’s way online and that’s why we can bring it to you here on best

The documentary won several awards, perhaps most notably an Emmy, and some would argue that it set a precedent for the ‘in-the-field’ documentaries that we see today being made in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other areas of conflict. It was made at a time when very few journalists would brave the front line, in that respect it was The World of Charlie Company which would go on to inspire other incredible documentaries such as Restrepo, either directly or indirectly.

Running Time: 55 minutes

Year: 1970

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Wikipedia: here

Buy on DVD: This documentary was released on DVD but is now incredibly difficult to purchase in that format and is very valuable as a result, there are no used copies available on Amazon at the time of writing. You can however buy a VHS copy from Amazon here. 

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